“Linda Wagner is a beacon of optimism and inspiration.  She is very relatable because she has been through the journey herself and is honest and down-to-earth about her own personal struggles and triumphs.  As an athlete, she has an intimate awareness of the body and is a walking talking advertisement for the benefits of a whole food diet.  Her kindness and passion really shine through in her work and she focuses on the whole person journey.  Not only cleaning up the diet and the physical body, but also living a more compassionate and conscious existence.  There are not enough words to describe what a difference Linda has made in my life.  She opened up a whole new world to me and I’m thankful for her inspiration every day.”

– Kara, St Louis, MO

“Linda is a true blessing to me. I have now known Linda for over eight years and throughout those years she has been remarkably supportive, honest and compassionate yet skillfully adept at helping me focus on what is really important in life. She has helped me numerous times to come up with solutions to my obstacles and provides solid suggestions as to what it would take to achieve my goals. She is an incredible listener. I really feel heard and understood when I speak with Linda regardless of the topics. This ability deepens the trust and respect I have for her. Linda has a positive and uplifting attitude towards life that ultimately inspires me to strive harder and be better in all that I do! She has a magnetic force within her that brings out the best in all she puts her energy towards. Linda’s philosophy has always been to live a life of passion, purpose and impact. She is the best example of this and truly lives the mission she speaks. Who I am today is due in no small way to Linda’s support, encouragement, and commitment.  I’m truly blessed to call Linda Wagner a friend, a mentor and an inspiration!”

-Sheena, Laguna Beach, CA

“I used to think “healthy” means lean, muscular and strong.  It wasn’t until I had a phone call with Linda Wagner early in 2008 that I began to understand what “healthy” truly means.  From that day forward my body started to evolve and shift towards actually being healthy in the purest sense of the word.

In 2005, I started becoming conscious of what I put in my body.  I was aware of what I was eating and I tried to limit fat consumption, but I didn’t know what was in the food or what it was doing to my overall health.  Linda started working with me, teaching me and feeding me tidbits of information that I gobbled up.  As I began to incorporate what she was teaching into my lifestyle I started to feel truly “healthy”.  My energy levels increased, I was lighter on my feet, I started to digest what I was putting in my body on a regular basis and above all things my immune system strengthened.

Linda’s level of knowledge is far beyond my comprehension.  Yet she has an ability to break down complex material and concepts in a way that resonates powerfully on a personal level.  I’ve had questions that range a broad spectrum and with each question, came new information and new ideas to resolve whatever the issue was.  Each time I would introduce a new concept into my way of life I felt improvement.

There is no doubt in my mind that I am more HEALTHY today than I was yesterday.  I owe that to Linda!  Thanks to her I will live longer, be happier and enjoy life even more.  To be able to say that with conviction feels absolutely incredible.”

-Dan, Houston, TX

“In March of ’08 I was introduced to Linda and found her to be quite astute and really congenial and most patient for which I am forever grateful.  I currently weigh 164lbs (down from 243lbs), look 20 years younger, hair and skin are radiant and I’m too hot to trot! So you are responsible for helping me lose 79lbs and still dropping, thanks to nutrition that works! Linda Love, thanks again for a spectacular job well done.”

– Jessie, St Louis, MO

“I have known Linda for years now and her vast knowledge base has saved me a time or two.  Imagine being able live your life without fighting against the things that you put in your body every day.  It’s a struggle we all have faced at some point in our lives.   Linda seems to have the key to help you unlock the information for yourself making it a fun and freeing adventure.”

-Alicia, Austin, TX

“Linda really helped me with three very specific health issues I had: hormone imbalance, building up my energy, and building my immune system. She was very insightful about how these issues were interrelated and gave me some really good suggestions for supplements that made a difference!  She was also very aware of my limitations and gave me very practical and targeted information that I could use. She is wise beyond her years and a very gifted healer. A very big two thumbs up. I count on her as one of my go-to-people when I have any health issues.”

-Shayla, Austin, TX

“When I think about you I think about the qualities of strength, ease, gentle determination, and the love you bring to all that you do.  I am grateful for the way you lead by example and share information in a non-judgmental way.   I like that your approach to nutrition and wellness is adaptive based on what is happening physically as well as mentally.    When I spend time with you I feel infused with a sense of possibility.  You have an uncanny ability to really hear what I say and offer just the right piece of wisdom or a non-advicey suggestion.  I would absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend working with you.”

-Laura, Cork, Ireland


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